Immune Enhancement

NAD+ is essential for all cells in the body, but especially immune cells. These cells require a large amount of energy to operate effectively and are also not attached to living tissue by a blood supply. You can think of them as the Coast Guard, partrolling the seas for pirates. They must carry what they need to be self sufficient and attack pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells. 


The recent CoVid 19 outbreak has shown that older people are far more affected by this novel virus then children. One reason is children have a much stronger innate immune system, or CD4+ cells that simply attack and clear the virus. There are attached research papers from Harvard University and the University of Iowa that published on NAD+ and how it may be very beneficial to supplement in order to reduce inflammation and clear viruses.

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NAD+ affects immune cells in many ways. The primary mechanism is turning on Sirtuins 1-7 to help stop the virus entering the cell and also to inhibit the ability of the virus to replicate. This is an evolutionary mechnism the works for both DNA and RNA virus. This work was recently done by a research group out of Princeton Univerisity.

Recent Studies

Coronavirus Infection and PARP Expression Dysregulate the NAD Metabolome: A Potentially Actionable Component of Innate Immunity

The below article was done by researchers in the USA to establish relationships between NAD+ levels and CoVid 19 infections.

Roles of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) in Biological Systems

The below article was done in the EU and discuss how NAD+ levels affect the coronoviruses and the ability of viral replication.

Sirtuins Are Evolutionarily Conserved Viral Restriction Factors

NAD+ affects sirtuins which are responsible for restriction of viral replication, both DNA and RNA. This Princeton University paper discuss various pathways.