Why Is NAD+ important to Combat Aging?

Declining NAD+ Levels Causes Aging

Scientist know that NAD+ is one of the most important molecules in the body and that we lose it with age, resulting in a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decline during the aging process and by middle age, NAD+ has fallen to less than 50% of youthful levels and down to 1% – 10% by the age of 80. The decline of NAD+ results in sirtuins being turned off and reduced PARP activity. These two combined negatively impacts our brain function and neurological health.

The decline in NAD+ causes neurodegeneration and memory loss, decline of energy levels, heart conditions, weight-gain, infertility and many other age-related issues.

It’s beneficial to replenish NAD+ levels to allow your body to function at optimal levels.